Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So... here I am again

I'll ask the question before you get a chance... why exactly am I doing this again?  And why should anyone care?

The second question is the easier of the two to answer, and quite simply & honestly, I don't know that anyone will.  I won't pretend to play it super cool and say "...and it doesn't matter to me anyway", because let's be honest here - I could just start an old fashioned pen & paper diary if I wasn't looking for at least some interaction.

To answer the first is, well, difficult.  I would assume it's safe to say that if you've found this post, you follow me on twitter, and you're probably following me on twitter because I used to blog (weekend party host, baby) for this little page called the Tao of Stieb.  I gave up that gig because the pay sucked and Tao was an unruly tyrant, ever more demanding of my valuable time.   Jokes!  I kid, Tao, I kid!

But in all seriousness now, friends, Tao moved on to bigger and better things (you may have seen his name splashed across Jays broadcasts, and published in that little thing called Sportsnet Magazine), and to be honest, I was content to fade into the background and, basically, not fuck it all up.  I quite simply do not aspire to be anything more than I am, an honest dude with a career and a family "in real life" with a bit of a Blue Jay obsession, only now I'm finding I have things I want to say again.

So what can I promise you with this blog?  Not much in the way of hard and fast guarantees, I'm afraid.  No fixed posting schedule.  No minimum posts/week guarantees.  No advanced sabremetrics (I'm borderline dumb that way).  No gifs (pronounced hard-g, by the way), and zero photoshop skills.

I can tell you I'll blog about the Blue Jays, my takes and feelings, not always supported by empirical evidence, and very likely to often leave myself open for ridicule.  But again, with the honesty... I don't really give a damn there either, because I'm nothing more than an unabashed fan of the team - of the game - and it's pretty probable that is how I'll come across.  I think I'm at my best (humblebrag loser) when I'm "writing" (feels awkward to say that) with more emotion than reason, so that's what you might see. 

Honestly, the last thing I felt good about posting on the damned internet might not have even been a Tao post, but rather this take on my beloved Winnipeg Jets (thanks Nav).  Or the weepy Roy Halladay stuff I bared my soul with (still luv u, Doc).

So read along and comment away, if you're so inclined.  Let's have some fun and be total Blue Jay homers together, with a sprinkle of reasonable opinion mixed in.  It might take some time but with practice, we'll find just the right balance of rational sense and blind optimism.

(Except when it comes to the Red Sox, because fuck those guys, y'know?)

Next blog post will be about baseball, I promise.

(Oh, and I spent literally five (5) minutes customizing the template, as you can all plainly see if you have any semblance of eyesight whatsoever.  I'll get around to cleaning that shit up to make it more visually appealing, add a blogroll, all the niceties you would see on any halfway decent blog.  Eventually.  Probably.  Hey - I've got kids man, what do you want from me - blood?)



William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Nice to have you back, Ack.

Anonymous said...

What he said. Look forward to reading you again, as irregularly as you like.

Tao of Stieb said...

I will CRUSH you, ingrate.

Just kidding. Nice to read you again.

Anonymous said...

Go Jets Go. Go Jays Go.

Chill said...

Welcome back, Ack. Long live the Pen.

Nav said...

Welcome back, Ack. And it's pronounced "jif," brother.

By the way, I still have that Halladay ad from the Toronto Sun to give to you. I haven't forgotten.


Anonymous said...


Voodoo_Matt said...

It's Gif - hard g.

The Ack is back! Ack back. Attack.

I don't know where I'm going with that.

The Ack said...

Thanks for the kindness & comments everybody. The sense of relief is much appreciated.

ps - my first/next post was going to be entitled "The Trouble With Thames"... but (a), Tao covered the shit out of that topic today, and (b) I really only had one sentence...

"He's not Travis Snider"

HoratioSancious said...

This makes me happy

Burger_Man said...

Welcome back Ack! Always enjoyed your work at the Tao, so I'll be checking in regularly. Besides, it is great to have another passionate Western Canadian Jays fan!

Burger_Man from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Was going to add you to my RSS feed and then I saw the word Peace. I am going to have to sleep on this one.

Good to see you back Ack.

FrankTheCat said...

Looking forward to reading you again Ack! Welcome back to the internets (not counting twitter)

Small Potatoes said...

I don't care about the eye candy--gifs (no matter how you pronounce them) do little for me, ditto for photoshop. I look forward to honest, wear your heart on your sleeve opinions, and if they stray into obsession occasionally, that works for me too. Finally, I too hate the massholes. This could be a fun season.

Jim Briggs said...

Good to see you, Ack. I'm looking forward to the renewed enthusiasm.