Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whither Adam Lind?

(If the post title sounds familiar, it probably should.)

See, I hate this side of the game.

I'm as guilty as the next guy about pining for a better option at first base than the struggling incumbent, but when you're pining for that more productive bat, you're not really thinking in the context of a lifelong Blue Jay losing his place on the team.  Are you?  I know I'm not.

Who hopes for that?  "Hey!  I hope that human piece of baseball garbage Adam Lind is optioned to AAA and outrighted right off the damn 40-man roster!"  C'mon.

Maybe it's just me... it's very likely to be just me, even... but I can't always separate the human side of the game.  Yeah yeah yeah... here comes the Ack, bringing his maudlin shit to the internet again, crying crocodile tears for a millionaire athlete who's time in the Toronto sun just might be over.  Boo hoo, wipe your tears with the millions still owed Lind, right?

Well, forget about the money for a moment.

Adam Lind was a guy we watched grow up in the organization, from highly touted hitting prospect, to the major league boy wonder, to the Silver Slugging first baseman who'd man the position for years to come.  No worries!  Or so we thought.  Think of it in terms of today... imagine if Travis Snider is recalled and finally lives up to the hype.  Dominates for a few seasons.  Then falls right the fuck off the map to the point where he's designated. 

You wouldn't feel a little sentimental about that?  Who isn't pulling for Snider?

Before you answer that, remember there was a time when we all pulled for Adam Lind, too, and he made it. 

So you'll forgive me if I'm having a little bit of a hard time just walking away from that.

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CoolHead said...

I can walk neither toward or away from Adam Lind.

I did not feel the least bit sad about Vernon Wells, his contract was a mistake writ large from day one. And willingly taken by another team.

But I did feel sad when Alex Rios was left to twist in the wind a couple of years ago. Even though Alex had simply signed the contract offred him, he looked so lost packing his bags for Chigago, knowing that he was being let go for the chance to not pay him anymore.

Players only play for as long as they can get someone to pay them to do it. Ask Jose Canseco.

Lind will do something, but I have no control over what he will end up doing, or what the team will do with him, so I watch and wait.